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CD2016 NEU
71 min.

Release date October/November 2016

Bertrand has always been a fan of TD and Klaus Schulze since his youth in the 70s.
On this album he presents the basic concept and basic structure for a big Berlin School work containing three long tracks like it was usual in the 70s.
Bertrand used analog equipment especially a modular system which is responsible for great sounding sequences.
Lambert coming from the “Tangerine Dream school“ added many effects and atmospheric sounds and put weight on making good tranistions between the tracks that you feel it is complete opus. Most of the music have been played spontaneously during one take.
This enriches the character of the 70s when the Berlin School pioneers improvised on the sequences.
This interplay should be a delight for the fans of the 70s Berlin School style.
Check it out.

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